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Phantom's aegyo represenative, repping in the flesh.

한해 @hanhae90
7 April
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"Hip hop is about respect, I’m tired of this doll house play."
( 한해 of ghost 1 pixel Pictures, Images and PhotosPHANTOM.)

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b.o.b., block b, brand new stardom, buckwilds, busan, cold stone creamery, cyworld, eminem, fan messages, fitted hats, food, freestyle, girls of 207cm height, girls with 삼백 shoesize, hating chinese take out, hep hap, kiggen-hyung, laying in bed, lil wayne, llyod, lupe fiasco, makin' history, mc donald's, nelly, notorious b.i.g., phantom, r&b, rapping, sanchez-hyung, sleeping, t.i., trolling, true originality, tyler the creator, ㅋㅋㅋ, 조pd